19 + comments! “Get ON!

  1. Avatar Sweet_Petunia says:

    This is my username

    • homie homie says:

      > error!
      > that username is already taken!

      • Avatar Lynn says:

        You gave me someone else’s user name.

        • Avatar Lynn says:

          I’m waiting….

          • homie homie says:

            > thank u for waiting!
            > please continue to wait
            > until u r done waiting!

        • homie homie says:

          > please to select
          > a new username!

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Can’t you hear me?

      • homie homie says:

        > i can’t hear u!
        > please to speak louder!

  2. Avatar jessie says:

    whats my username

    • homie homie says:

      > :(
      > whats my username
      > is already taken!
      > that username can’t be!

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:


    • homie homie says:

      > invalid command!

  4. Avatar Blonde_Beach_Babe_16 says:

    WTF?! The lenses are burning my eyeballs! How do I make it stop??

    • homie homie says:

      > please to file
      > Eyeball Scorch Support Ticket
      > your issue will be resolved
      > in 1-10 working days

  5. Avatar Deuce says:

    Hello homie! You must be from the city. Why do you make me yell at my computer?

    • homie homie says:

      > hello deuce!
      > i am from ur mind
      > yell 10x now!

    • homie homie says:

      > to remove blindness
      > please open eyes ok
      > +10 fp aunt chrissy!

  6. homie homie says:

    > yes hello to u again!

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