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Hi this is Sean. When I learned that Disney Hyperion was interested in the Fun Trip as a YA novel, I stopped work on this website and started turning the story back into a print book. At that point I had a bunch of images I’d created but not animated. Now that the book is coming out in print, I’m posting some of them here, along with some lines from the story as like a free sampler and/or bonus material for the The End of Fun (available in bookstores April 2016). Thanks for reading. A big hug unless you’re a porcupine.

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  1. homie homie says:


    She had these really amazing eyes.

  2. homie homie says:


    You forget how big a horse is until you see one up close again.

  3. homie homie says:

    golf course

    Coyote Heights (the abandoned golf course).

  4. homie homie says:

    dead bird

    Dead birds everywhere. I tossed them one after another into the brush.

  5. homie homie says:

    Russian Olive

    What a trip. My grandpa had worn the hat and now I was wearing it, and standing on the same ground he’d stood on, under the thin shadow of the same scrawny tree.

  6. homie homie says:

    antello intelligencer

    YAY! for the Daily Intelligencer newspaper, whose award-winning, in-depth coverage of quilting circles and traffic accidents is delivered twice weekly to the greater Antello County area.

  7. homie homie says:

    star hip

    Someone had to say something, so I asked her about the stars on her hip.

    “What’s the story behind those?”

    “What? The stars?”

    “Yeah, the stars.”

    “There isn’t really a story.”

    “No? It’s not like a constellation or anything?”

    “Not really.”


    “I just like stars.”

  8. homie homie says:

    gas station

    He was standing at the entrance of the Old 65 gas station, pounding his fists against the big glass doors.

    “Let me in! Let me in or I’ll blow this house down!”

    Behind the glass, two attendants were staring back at him from the counter. One of them was holding a mop like a baseball bat, and the other guy was speaking very purposefully into a phone.

  9. homie homie says:


    “Well, here’s the thing. On its own, Rectrine is merely a colorectal stimulant–but you mix it with plain old over-the-counter Follicol hair growth for men, and it’s a freakin’ howl. That’s why they call it werewolfing, bro!”

  10. homie homie says:

    creeper truck

    It wasn’t just any truck. It was like this giant almost monster truck with skulls painted all over it.

  11. homie homie says:

    brush fire end of fun mcginty

    It was wonderful, holy, all of it and everything–filled and spilling over with pure holy wonder: the ground, the brush, the fence, the power lines, the hills behind my grandpa’s place, the smoke rising into the sky.

  12. Avatar XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

    • homie homie says:

      > it was over before it even began

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