7 + comments! “the end but not the end

  1. Avatar dbone says:

    Great work so far Mr. M. I’m excited to read the rest!

    • homie homie says:

      > yo dbone +10 fp for comment!
      > see special update below!

        • homie homie says:

          > wassup aunt chrissy!
          > +10 fp for such patience!
          > see special update below!

  2. Avatar Lori Holdread says:

    I am hooked. How long do I have to wait to finish it???

    • homie homie says:

      > apologies for waiting &
      > thanks u for special comment!
      > +10 fp awarded for lori holdread!
      > see special update below

  3. homie homie says:

    > hello users
    > congratulations on making it so far!
    > here is a **special update**
    > the complete story
    > revised and updated
    > is now available
    > in a more different format!
    > * The End of Fun * a novel
    > available April 2016 from Disney Hyperion
    > where books are sold
    > u can read about it here!

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