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  1. homie homie says:

    > hello & welcome to supermagicfuntrip
    > home of an early interactive version of
    > * The End of Fun * by sean mcginty
    > available in bookstores April 2016
    > from Disney Hyperion Publishing
    > twitter: @mcgintyface
    > please to feel free and enjoy this
    > with pictures! and bonuses!
    > the first 16 chapters
    > in earlier/different format
    > u can get lensed here
    > or skip to first chapter here
    > or enjoy some bonus material here
    > or press birds button above
    > many times rapidly and listen
    > to some of ambient chirping song!
    > twitter: @mcgintyface

  2. Avatar Lisa Gertzen says:

    I work with your sister Alison and absolutley love your book. How can I sign up and read it!!

    • homie homie says:

      > sign up at a favorite bookstore!

  3. Avatar Justice says:

    This is because like.

    • homie homie says:

      > +10fp justice because like!

  4. Avatar XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

    • homie homie says:

      > not so fast!

  5. Avatar cashdude says:

    Here is the fun thing. When you think about balloons, likely think of parties. However, the real cash will come from another source: car stores. Drive around your town. Most dealerships have balloons around their lots and flying from certain cars. For think they do think it themselves, think returning. As a couple of fact, most car dealerships pay men and women to replace these balloons 1 week. My friend gets $50 a week for each dealership she services!

    • homie homie says:

      > that is brilliant!
      > how can sign up?

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